Pressure washers are water machines which increases water pressure (measured in pound per square inch) and delivers it through a lance or gun or wand or however you choose to describe it.

Pressure washers use either cold or hot water or steam to clean.

You can get one that is gas or diesel powered or one that is powered electrically. (Because electric pressure washers are quieter and there are no fumes, it is the first choice to be used inside the home.)

The hot water and steam can effectively clean most surfaces with dirt, grease and grime.

When you use cold water in your pressure washer, it will effectively wash away dirt, debris, and even strip paint.

You can use a pressure washer to clean surfaces like metal, concrete, asphalt, stone, plastic and wood.

Tips for using Pressure Washers

    • Learn how to use a pressure washer before you start a cleaning job.
    • Start away from what you’re going to wash and move toward it.
    • Get advice for the use of pressure washers on wood surfaces.
  • When purchasing or renting a pressure washer for general outdoor house cleaning, it is better that you stick to the residential category. The pressure washers in this category are light weight electric or gas powered.

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