Most people honestly do not take the time to develop a house cleaning plan – rather they simply pick a chore and complete it on a “needs to be done” basis.

Not only is this not time effective – but it often creates a negativity towards house cleaning that really doesn’t need to exist.

Cleaning your house on a regular – pre-set plan is fast – easy – and prevents those endless weekends where everyone is madly cleaning before they can go and have fun.

By following a thirty day cleaning plan about 20 minutes a day is all that you will need to commit to for a clean – well kept house.

There are basically three types of cleaning jobs, daily, weekly and monthly.

Daily chores are those that need to be done everyday to keep the house looking sparkling and clean.

They usually include:

    • Washing dishes
    • Cleaning the kitchen counters
    • Cleaning the bathrooms sinks, toilets and showers or bathtubs
    • Picking up games, toys, crafts etc
    • Garbage removal
    • Picking up dirty clothing and laundry
  • Making beds

Weekly chores are those that are the big items that are necessary to keep the house looking good.

These may be done more than once a week depending on the room, number of people and overall use of the area.

Weekly chores typically include:

    • Dusting
    • Washing the floors
    • Taking the trash to the curb
    • Checking the fridge and cleaning out old food items
    • Caring for plants
  • Laundry

The monthly chores are those that are done infrequently – usually these tend to be larger – more involved projects. Monthly chores may involve:

    • Washing windows
    • Shampooing carpets
    • Oven cleaning
  • Cleaning air filters, air conditioners or heating ducts

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