Do You Use Home Air Cleaners to Protect Your Family from Indoor Air Pollution?

Posted: September 21, 2012 in Uncategorized
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What do you know about air cleaners?

How do you know when the air in your home needs cleaning?

Does it smell dirty?

Does your nose hurt from inhaling chunks of dirt?

Wait – do you sneeze?

My neighbor BK – suffers with her allergies. It’s made even worst when she cleans house. She would sneeze often especially when vacuuming – and have breathing problems.

Recently – she has made some changes that have eased her symptoms. First – she invested in a home air cleaner. The function of a home air cleaner is to remove harmful elements in indoor air – which cause airborne allergies. These airborne allergies can range from pollen allergies to mold allergies.

Her next step involved changing the way she cleaned. When she ‘dusted’ – she used damp cloth to wipe dusty surfaces. This was her remedy for keeping dust from floating about. For her last major step – she removed all the carpets from her home. I thought that was a bit drastic – but obviously the steps she’s taken are working for her. And I found out later on that mold do feed on carpets not taken care of properly.

In April 1995, the EPA published a paper called, The Inside Story: A Guide to Indoor Air Quality.

According to the report the air within homes and other buildings can be more seriously polluted than the outdoor air in even the largest and most industrialized cities.

That’s scary isn’t it?

Yes, but we now have weapons to fight against indoor air pollution.

Take a page from BK’s book and invest in a home air cleaner.

They can camouflage itself in the ducts which are part of central heating or air-conditioning systems in your home. Or they stand alone.

Unfortunately, these cleaners aren’t perfect.

They do not get rid of dust – but they can help reduce the dust particles in the air.

The filters on the cleaners trap a lot of the dust particles as they float around the air. If you check the filters after a week of using one you will see how much dust was picked up – if there is a lot, then the unit is doing its job.

Here’s another question for you…

Do You Need a Home Air Purifier?

Well, only you can answer that.

Do you have pets?

Pet fur doesn’t just sit on furniture or flooring, the fur is also floating around in the air.

Is there dust everywhere? – Even after you do the dusting.

Do one of your house-mates smoke?

You see whether or not you need one depends on your lifestyle.

It is hard to do anything about the air quality when you are outdoors, but having an air purifier indoors can make you and your family a bit more comfortable and possibly healthier.


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