So what does your housecleaning schedule look like? If you have a house cleaning schedule that is. 🙂

The amount of house cleaning you do depends on how much time you have to clean.

Do you have a lot of house cleaning tasks and not enough time to to do them in?

If that is the case, I’m guessing that your home is not as clean as you want it to be.

A housecleaning schedule along with some home organization tools and some good cleaning supplies, will help you to focus on getting your home neat and clean!


A House Cleaning Schedule Shows You Where the Time Goes

Two things determine the amount of time you spend on house cleaning and the amount of house cleaning you do.

  1. Family size – a larger family, means there is more house cleaning to do.
  2. Your idea of clean – Do you require a spotless home where eating of the floor is possible or are you just the neat and tidy type?

To get your house cleaning done in the time you have, you need to make an effective, easy to use housecleaning schedule…


Let’s get started.


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