1. Plan your work – then take action. Survey your home and decide which rooms and/or spaces you want to spring clean. Take pictures of there current state (before pictures). Now have a clear picture in your mind about how you want the room to look when you’re done (after pictures), you can even go as far as writing down a description (your idea of success). Next, in between your before pictures and your ideas of success, write down all the tasks that need to be completed in order to get from before to after.
  1. Make a cleaning schedule. With your list of cleaning tasks in hand schedule when they are going to be done and by who. Also, if some unexpected event happens and a task cannot be done at the appointed day and time – be sure to reschedule the task. Finally, you can go to the house cleaning schedule page for an example of a personal house cleaning schedule.
  1. Have everything you need at hand. Once you get started with your cleaning tasks – you will want to avoid having to stop in order to room to the other room to get cleaning supplies or anything else you may need to get the job done. So, when you make your plan, be sure to list everything you need to accomplish your tasks (spring cleaning checklists, cleaning supplies, music etc.).
  1. Make your spring cleaning fun Cleaning is work and can be boring. To help with this you can try music or organize a family spring cleaning day and have “best clean” competitions.

Have a maintenance plan. This plan comes into action once the after pictures in your mind are realized. This involves making a regular cleaning schedule for the room. First decide on the cleaning tasks that will be necessary in order to maintain the room in its after state for as long as possible. Then decide on how regularly you will do these tasks – some might be daily, weekly or even on a monthly basis.


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