Carpet cleaning was my obsession…
Once upon a time carpets ruled my home. Only the kitchen and the bathroom escaped my carpet frenzy.

I loved the way they the carpet felt under my bare feet…

…I loved the way they looked (when they were stain free and freshly vacuumed).

Now my love has waned. Maybe I just need a change…

…or maybe I’m tired of being nervous when someone is over for coffee…

…or maybe I just need new carpets. Whatever the reason, the feeling is made worst with the carpet cleaning tasks that I have to perform regularly. “Cleaning this carpet should be a part time job all on its own”, I would say loudly in the hopes that a certain person would take a hint and maybe hire someone to do the dreaded task for me.Alas, my wailing has fallen on deaf ears. So I continue my carpet maintenance regime to keep my carpet looking presentable and help it to
last longer.

Maybe you’re not like me.

Maybe you still totally love your carpets.

Or maybe you are like me and your love has waned.

Either way, as long as you have carpets adorning the floors of your home there are some cleaning duties that you can do on a regular basis to keep your carpet looking good.

* Vacuuming

* Cleaning up spills immediately

* Using dust mats at entrances to carpeted rooms

These are just some of the things you can do.

Below are some links which make up a carpet guide to help you maintain and care for your carpet.


  1. I have met hundreds of people who prefer buying a new carpet instead of taking care of the old one. I still can’t understand such kind of thinking!

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